Warming Up Your Winter

January 31st, 2015

Jim grew up in the South. His dad was a coach, so he grew up with baseball, football, and basketball experiences. In high school, he developed a long-distance running habit as well. He did lots of sports–all of which seemed to depend upon sunshine, warm temperature, and generally good weather.

Because of his experience and particular sports orientation, Jim also developed a genuine dislike for winter. This was fine until Jim’s family moved to the Midwest.

Winter Wonders

family-skatingTo his surprise, Jim found the seasonal changes interesting and made a …

3 Things That Internet Marketing Companies Can Give You

January 24th, 2015

If you are a business owner, your major concern is how to bring your products or services close to your potential clients. Print and media advertising can be effective but they are costly and their reach is limited. With more and more people turning to the internet to search for providers of their needs, internet marketing has become the best advertising mode and internet marketing San Diego companies are here to serve you.

Here are three things that you can get from internet marketing San Diego Companies. First, these companies …

Eat Right, And You’ll Run Tight

December 3rd, 2014

What do these professional athletes have in common–football and baseball players, tennis stars, Olympic gymnasts, marathon runners, just to name a few? All have used the expertise of sports nutritionists to enhance their competitive edge. You too can take advantage of the same techniques to improve your performance, whether it’s in a highly competitive team sport or an activity you enjoy just for fun and exercise.

Start with a healthy eating plan based on the Food Guide Pyramid. The physical demands of routine training mean you need plenty of …

Bank Smart, Or Find Yourself Broke

September 18th, 2014
Don't throw your money away!

Don’t throw your money away!

When I choose a bank, I look small institution–a community bank or a credit union. They typically charge less for loans than large institutions do, pay more interest on savings, and set lower minimum deposits on checking accounts. You get to know the people who work there, which helps a lot when you have a problem, need a loan, or think a particular tee should be waived. If a small bank isn’t available, look for a small branch of a larger bank.

Opening an Account

9 Ways To Increase Your Personal Energy

September 12th, 2014

You’d the subject of losing night’s sleep would merit one word: yawn! After all, you don’t need anyone to tell you how lousy you feel the day after you’ve been kept awake by a sick child, the rush to meet a deadline, or anxiety about an upcoming event.

Yet the topic turns out to be the subject of hot research. Organizations including the U.S. Army, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the U.S. Department of Transportation have a serious interest in what effects even a few lost hours …

Buying The Best Products To Help You Stop Snoring

July 24th, 2014

Anti snoring pillows are a great way to minimize snoring and create good sleeping patterns. When you buy the best pillow for snoring, it is definitely important to choose the best manufacturer offering the right price. This means that you have to consider the quality and price first and foremost. Do not be easily enticed into something that you are not sure of. Always take time to research the best pillow for snoring and check its quality meticulously. These pillows often provide relief for snoring but the materials used often …

Escaping The “Time Trap”

June 4th, 2014

ethrTime traps, you know them. I can’t take the time to install memory because I have so much to do that five minutes out the window will break me right now. And who knows? If I don’t finish project A today and get started on project B, I won’t finish it tomorrow, and I’ll spend all weekend trying to sort out the mess.

While your brain races forward, you can hear this little voice in the back of your head, the voice of reason that is always so faint, telling …

Do Postcards Still Work?

May 18th, 2014

dpcswBy 10:39 a.m., Roger Lazier had reached the UH@#$%OH! point of his to-do-today list at his Arlington, Texas, home office. Too much for one regional sales manager to do, too many simultaneous follow-ups, too many lucrative opportunities he’d worked too hard to obtain.

The most pressing problem was an upcoming on-site demonstration at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Department of Energy’s development-and-testing complex. Big opportunity. Big need.to convince the 125 Sandia design engineers that they should come see his computer-assisted-design (CAD) software. And big communication problem. Two …

It’s Presentation Time: You Ready?

May 13th, 2014

ipyrPresentation graphics software has evolved to the stage where even a computer novice can create an effective and artistic presentation in a few hours. These programs offer an extensive lineup of charts, tables, text effects, colors, clip art, graphics, and slide transition effects. The presentations they help you to produce can be printed, converted to 35mm slides and overhead transparencies, are run directly from a PC.

A quick ramp-up time is essential to the success of any presentation product, as the typical person who uses such software is usually a …

Self Assessment: How Strong Is Your Business?

May 8th, 2014

hsiybWhat is success? And how will you know if you are there? That’s more than a philosophical question–it’s one we entrepreneurial types grapple with regularly. Sometimes we struggle emotionally, as when we worry that the energy used building our businesses would have been better spent hunting for a real job. More often, our questions are practical: Am I making enough to justify hiring an assistant? Will my business qualify for a bank loan? Can I afford a new laptop? Am I on track here?


Self-assessment is a crucial …